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Children, Children!

That's right! On November 12 2021, Bully Proof Kids International launched its Anti Bullying and Online Safety Training session at Vaughansfield Primary and Infant School. The festivities lasted an entire week and it featured 5 modules that were hosted by different ambassadors.

We kicked off the week with an Introductory session which was led by our founder/president Gabby Clarke and our Projects Coordinator, Candice Garwood. The students were enlightened on what the project encapsulated and the upcoming agenda for the training. Both the teachers and students were also introduced to the marvelous stakeholders and supporters of the project. Shout out to the United Nations Development Program, UNESCO, Child Protection and Family Services Agency, Rise Life Jamaica, the Digicel Foundation and the Jamaica Constabulary Force for their gracious assistance.

Day 2 saw our Social Services Team leading Module 2, "Bullying 101". We were pleasantly surprised with how well informed the students were about bullying. In going through Module 2, topics such as what is bullying, the types of bullying and even the difference between telling vs. tattling were discussed. Day 2 concluded with a question and answer segment followed by the crowd favorite - GIVEAWAYS!!🎉🎉

The third module was called "Cyber Proof Kids 101". Our secretary Kande and PRO, Siddonia took the students on a journey about online safety. They learned how to use the internet safely, the do's and don'ts of using the internet as well as how to identify cyberbullying and what they can do about it. Day 3 with these "little Einsteins" (as they are affectionately called) was another epic session!

The fourth module, "Bully Bully Proof Kids 101" highlighted how to deal with bullying. The students learned the Bully Proof Kids' "5 Practical Responses for a Bully" and participated in exciting activities such as proclaiming affirmations, doing a skit and drawing their inner cheerleaders. LeShaye and Anthwain did a fantastic job at demonstrating how to respond to a bully. Even the famous singer Rihanna partook in the festivities as her song “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” was used to encourage the students to shine their bright light despite any circumstance or negative comments made about them. As usual, at the end of the session, each student recited the BPKI Peace Pledge.

Like all good things, the training session concluded on Day 5. Each ambassador did a recap of the Module they presented on and in turn, the students informed us of what they had learnt. After the closing remarks, all participants recited the pledge as a symbol of their commitment to promoting kindness within their environment.

Overall, I think it was a remarkable five days! I'm ecstatic that BPKI had the opportunity to impact lives yet again in another meaningful way.

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