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Empowering our Youth

Bully Proof Kids International was established in 2015 with a vision to help children, teachers and parents to learn more about bullying, its effects and how to curtail this negative behavior. The organization is founded and operated by youths who have also been bullied and have a vision to empower children who have gone through similar experiences.


To transform successive generations of children who will grow into kind, resilient, bright-minded and confident nation-builders.


To empower children by providing the information and resources needed to take a stand against bullying.


Kande DaCosta

Programme Ambassador

I am a  high school student with a real passion to see my peers  expressing love instead of hate. Speaking with kindness instead of inflicting pain with our words. I believe we have that power to influence and help each other become kinder and more resilient. I am happy to a part of that mission! As the Program Ambassador  I look forward to the impact we will make one programme and one child at a time.

We would love to hear from you! 

Gianni Clarke

Junior Ambassador

 Hey You!

So as you can see I am the youngest member of this  "family" and I really want to see an end to bullying. I have been bullied before and it hurts. And so I decided to be a part of this movement for change. I want all kids to know that bullying is wrong. Treating someone badly because they are different is wrong. So how will you become a part of this change? Wont you join us?

Tell us your story!


Gabrielle Clarke

Founder & Ambassador Premier


Gabby here. I am a student in Jamaica and the Founder and first Ambassador of Bully Proof Kids International. I first became interested in this mission during an anti-bullying poster competition at my school. Even though I didn't enter, my logo design was enough to spur my mom and I into action and now -  here we are. I have been a victim of bullying and so has my younger sibling. Many people are unaware of the pain experienced by children who have been victims of bullying, whether it is obvious or not. 

Bully Proof Kids International will be used as the means by which we bring awareness to the issue of bullying and try to help those who are unable to defend themselves.

Join us! Won't you?

Marilyn Clarke

Co-Founder/Parent Support/Mentor

Hi There!
Welcome to our website and our organisation. I have the honor of being the mother of two unique, talented and simply awesome kids. I have also shared in their pain as at one point or another they have experienced the effects of bullying. Bullying is becoming more frequent within our schools and communities. Our children need love, parents need support and our teachers need the right tools to effectively manage this behavior in a school setting. My older daughter and I have joined forces to create this organization to be used to not only bring awareness but to help in providing the support to families and educators.

So, what's happening in your child's world today? Get involved and join us as partner with a mission to Bully Proof our Kids.

If you are a parent in need of support or someone who has been bullied, let's talk!

Kingston, Jamaica

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