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Empowering our Youth

Bully Proof Kids International was established in 2015 with a vision to help children, teachers and parents to learn more about bullying, its effects and how to curtail this negative behavior. The organization is founded and operated by youths who have a vision to empower children who have gone through similar experiences.


To transform successive generations of children who will grow into kind, resilient, bright-minded and confident nation-builders.


To empower children by providing the information and resources needed to take a stand against bullying.



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Gabrielle Clarke

Founder / President

Bully Proof Kids was birthed out of a desire to eliminate bullying. Having experienced bullying, witnessed and heard stories about severe bullying from my friends and even my own brother, was enough for me to understand that in order to make that change, I would have to become the change. Now, we are a dynamic group of young people working together to spread awareness about bullying and to try and help those who are unable to defend themselves.

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Kande DaCosta


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Siddonia Reid

Public Relations Officer

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Usann Shirley

Social Services Coordinator

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Candice Garwood

Project Coordinator

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Gabriel Abrahams

Social Services Coordinator

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Britney Brown

Social Media Coordinator