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We Were On The Radio!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

On the 13th of March, the executive members of Bully Proof Kids (Siddonia, Gabby, Kande, Usann, Gabriel, Candice and Britney) were invited to More FM 91.7 to inform listeners about bullying in schools. More FM is a community radio station which provides an avenue for persons to showcase their talents and provide programs that will empower, motivate and educate listeners.

This experience was absolutely wonderful. I was delighted to spread awareness on bullying and to inform others about the impactful work that Bully Proof Kids International does.

We were able to share that even though schools usually have strict anti-bullying policies and various bullying prevention programs, students may still find themselves being targets of bullying. I think that during this time, they are more prone to cyber bullying. In addition, we spoke about the bully not just as a perpetrator but as a victim of his/her own circumstances, whether it be at home or elsewhere.

We each introduced ourselves and shared why we joined Bully Proof Kids and how this amazing organization has provided us with an outlet to speak about a wide variety of issues affecting youth. I am so grateful to have this platform to educate individuals, as bullying affects far too many young people and can have long lasting effects on the victims. I know that this is just the start of something so significant for Bully Proof Kids as we continue “Building Resilience, Promoting Kindness.”

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