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Children; we all want to see them grow up to be strong, confident and kind-hearted members of society. Yet in the midst of our biggest dreams for them, there is the risk of them being impacted by peer abuse. How do we help them? How do we help the abuser or the bully? Bully Proof Kids International (BPKI) is about planting that positive seed of change, not just into the victim but also the perpetrator. 

You see, the intervention cannot be a one way street, it has to go both ways. Here at BPKI we believe that the children themselves must become the leaders of this change and so we empower them through our resources to act in the most appropriate way possible to bring about that change.

By spreading the message of LOVE and KINDNESS throughout our schools, we are taking steps to eliminate acts of aggression which our children display towards each other.

Let's support them. Won't you?


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REBOOTin60 is an Instagram series  from September 14-18, 2020.

Each day we  share 60 second of positive dialogue  to empower and motivate our youth. 

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The Gift of GAB

The Gift of Gab is a bi-monthly video post through which Co-founder Gabrielle Clarke shares her thoughts on various topics affecting our youth. This occurs every other Tuesday on our IG page.

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I am All That and More!

So COVID19 happened, But keep watching this space for updates on our workshops or webinars.

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At Bully Proof Kids International, we’re committed to building a society where every young person can easily realize the strength they possess to not only resist being bullied but also to resist the urge to bully others.
Let BPKI help you to set the stage for a cultural change. We would be happy to work with you!

Interested Student.

She once was bullied in school – She now holds 9 CXC subjects and is founder of an anti-bullying group

The multi-talented Gabrielle Clarke, who recalled being bullied in prep school, has blossomed into a strong academic achiever and anti-bullying campaigner.

She is serving as Deputy Chair on the island’s Children’s Advisory Panel, and is founder of the anti-bullying group called

Bully-Proof Kids.

“I really want to have a greater impact on young people in Jamaica, offer workshops, offer resource material to schools – and I really want to get partners and sponsors to do more voluntary work within the children homes,” said Gabrielle, who is yet to choose a career path.

However, she has started to build a strong academic foundation for a bright future.

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Will cyberbullying rise alongside online learning?

Rising incidents of cyberbullying could become a vicious cycle as students spend more time online and on social media while their schools are closed and stay-at-home orders isolate them from friends, one expert says.

“We have children who will react to cyberbullying with cyberbullying,” she adds.

School administrators and teachers need to set clear policies and expectations for online behavior, particularly regarding certain ethnic groups that have been targetted since the coronavirus outbreak, Seigfried-Spellar says.

Educators should be on the lookout for cyberbullies who take—and then circulate—screenshots of other students during online classes.

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Students Provided With Tips to Deal With Bullying

Students of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope in St. Andrew were today (May 3) exposed to tips on how to identify and deal with the issue of bullying.

The session, organised by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), was part of the agency’s #BanTheBullying School Tour and in observance of Anti-bullying Day on Saturday, May 4.

The day’s activities included breakout discussion and counselling sessions. The students, who are intellectually challenged, were given advice on what to do if they are being bullied, how to keep safe on the roads, speaking out against bullying, among other things.

The CPFSA school tour is being undertaken in association with Bully Proof Kids International.

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WE Teacher Nadine Lewis-Knight

Supporting anti-bullying campaign

Helping her students bring an end to cyberbullying and inspire a school culture of respect

The WE Teachers program was designed to provide teachers like Nadine Lewis-Knight with free resources to help them address critical social issues such as bullying. Lewis-Knight prides herself on being able to empathize with the issues some of her students face at home and at school. She was once the hungry kid in class herself. But when her fifth-grade students chose to tackle “cyberbullying” in their WE service-learning program, she felt the issue was out of her realm. Rather than steer her students toward more familiar territory, Lewis-Knight embarked on what she calls “a learning journey,” exploring the impact of cyberbullying right alongside them.

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